Care Groups

Care groups meet throughout the week.  Life is all about community, why not join in?  


Forgotten God ~ This care group will focus on the book; “Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit” by Francis Chan. 

A compelling invitation to understand, embrace, and follow the Holy Spirit’s direction in our lives. 

This care group will have a time of sharing, prayer as well as DVD teaching by Francis Chan.  Reading the book as we go is encouraged.  To purchase a book: CLICK HERE

Care Group Hosts: Pete & Jess Field, Eric & Pam Segool

Care Group Location: 2 Two Penny Run / Pilesgrove, NJ 08098

Dates:  Monday Nights - September 16 & 30 October 14 & 28, November 11 & 25

Time: 7pm – 8:15pm

Childcare is not provided for this Care Group. 

If you are interested in attending this care group please email:  Pete & Jess Field or Eric & Pam Segool 

Tuesday AM

Growing Through Life's Challenges (Fisherman Bible Studies)

Do you sometimes feel rejection, overwhelming responsibilities, doubts, grief and anger? We all have these on a daily basis but we need to be able to bring our fears and frustrations to God.  We will learn how to overcome failure and rejection and learn how to feel God's strength and joy.  This study will explore people in the Bible who have been challenged through these struggles. Please see Joyce if you are interested in a book. 

Ladies Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Care Group Host: Joyce Hoffman

Care Group Location: Ida Tomarchio's ~ 1402B Kings Highway, Pilesgrove

Date: Tuesday mornings beginning October 1

Time: 9:45am (social) Bible Study 10-11am

If you are interested please call or text at 609-330-7136 or Email Joyce


"Love and Respect" ~ This video series is designed to help strengthen marriages and develop healthy communication.  Please purchase the Love and Respect book: CLICK HERE  

Christian marriages need to be a shining light to the rest of the world.  

Married and engaged couples only.  

Care Group Hosts: Ed & Sue Sturgis

Care Group Location: 48 Marlton Street, Woodstown

Date: Every other Wednesday, beginning September 11.  

Time: 7:00

If you are interested in attending please Email Ed & Sue or call 856-769-0113.


Grace ~ This care group will have an intimate time of sharing and prayer as well as teaching by Carmen Milanase.  God's Grace is transformative not only in our lives but through our lives as well! 

Care Group Hosts: Bob & Shirley Hofer

Care Group Location: 419 Cornell Road, Glassboro, NJ

Date: Wednesday Evening beginning September 18.  

Time: 7pm - 8:30pm

If you are interested in attending this Care Group please email: Bob & Shirley Hofer.  


Bible Prophesy One of the clearest teachings in the New Testament is the promise of our Lord’s return for his bride – the church.  That said, there are a variety of opinions and questions on eschatological details, and end time events.

 Did you know…..Of the Bible’s 31,124 verses, 8,352 of them include predictions?  That’s 27 percent of the entire Bible!   In the New Testament 1 out of every 30 verses pertains to future events. 

If more than ¼ of the Bible touches on the future, shouldn’t we want to have a better understanding of what those passages tell us for today?   Especially when we know that the hundreds of predictions of Jesus’ first coming all came true in astounding detail!

 In our group study we will examine the biblical doctrine surrounding end times prophecy to answer questions and clarify often raised misconceptions.  Our hope is to encourage a positive, thoughtful, and integral approach to Biblical eschatology  - to deepen our love for Christ and his church, and instill confidence in the “blessed hope” of his return (Titus 2:13).

Care Group Hosts: Joe & Sandra Mather & Bob & Marybeth Veight

Care Group Location: 105 Liberty Court, Logan Township 

Date: Thursday nights, twice a month, starting end of September.  

Time: 6.45-  8:30 PM

Childcare is not provided for this Care Group. 

 If you are interested in attending this care group please contact Joe & Sandra Mather or Bob & Marybeth Veight.


TransformedWe will be discovering the transforming power of God in our lives through a study of scripture.   All women are welcome - bring your Bible and a notebook.

Care Group Hosts: Arlene Schmid and Libby Brady

Care Group Location: Hope Community Church 

Dates:  Thursday Nights starting September 19

Time: 6:45pm – 8:00pm

Childcare is not provided for this Care Group.

If you are interested in attending this group please email: Libby Brady or Arlene Schmid