Jesus and Christmas


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Jesus and Christmas

    12.07.18 | by Eric Segool

    When I was younger I remember someone asking me if Jesus / Messiah was ever mentioned in the Old Testament.  To be honest I fumbled through the question and probably gave a poor response.  The reality is Jesus is prophesied (predicted) countless times through the Old Testament.  

    As we head into Christmas I think it would be good to highlight just a few of these to encourage you and empower you during this season when perhaps ears are open to such discussions. 

    Read the scriptures associated with these prophesies by simply clicking on the links.

    Prophesy: The Messiah would be Resurrected
    Old Testament Reference:  Psalm 16: 8 – 11
    New Testament Reference: Acts 2:22 – 32

    Prophesy: The Messiah would bring a new Covenant
    Old Testament Reference:  Jeremiah 31: 31
    New Testament Reference: Matthew 26:28

    Prophesy: The Messiah would be rejected. 
    Old Testament Reference: Psalm 118: 22 – 24  
    New Testament Reference: Matthew 21: 42

    Now as we head into the Christmas Season... 

    Prophesy: The Messiah would be born in Bethlehem
    Old Testament Reference:  Micah 5:2
    New Testament Reference:  Matthew 2: 1 – 6

    The Messiah would be a descendant of David
    Old Testament Reference:  2 Samuel 7: 12 – 16
    New Testament Reference: Matthew 1: 1, Luke 1: 32 – 33, Acts 15: 15 – 16, Hebrews 1:5

    The Messiah would be called out of Egypt
    Old Testament Reference: Hosea 11:1
    New Testament Reference: Matthew 2: 13 – 15

    These are just a few but if your looking for more Jews for Jesus is an excellent place for Bible Prophesy.