New Beginnings

    11.02.18 | by Eric Segool

    November 1st marked 5 months since I came to Hope Community.  I am so thankful and blessed to be a part of this amazing church.  Often when we pray we ask God to mold us into the person He desires us to be.  Well I can tell you for sure God is changing me.  Here are just a few ways.  

    • Relationships: When I first came I remember struggling to get names straight but slowly but surely I am getting that down.  Thank you for all of your kindness and hospitality shown to not only me but Team Segool!  
    • Elder Led: Hope is led by Elders and I believe this is a great way to function.  For me it has been an adjustment and a growing opportunity for sure.  My verdict?  I would not change a thing!  
    • Teaching: For 20 plus years much of my ministry was focused on youth.  Coming to Hope breathed a new drive in me to attack scriptures and push my own learning to a different level.  I take very serious the teaching of God's Words and I hope that it is a blessing & encouragement in your own journey.  
    • Fellowship: Whenever we are together I am blessed by the genuine love for the Lord and Compassionate care for one another.  Truly Inspiring!