Mid-Week Service

Every Wednesday, from 10/07/2020 to 10/28/2020, 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM

Location: Hope Community Church, 3 Point Airy Road, Pilesgrove, NJ US 08098

The Kingdom Parables

Did you know that in the final year or so of Jesus’ public ministry He shifted nearly all of his teachings to Parables?   Why did he do this?  How did Jesus explain the Kingdom of God to those who had “ears to hear”? 

Wednesday nights in October 7pm – 8:15pm.

 October 7:  Matthew 13

  • The Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Understanding the Nature of Jesus’ Parables
  • The Hidden Treasure and The Pearl of Great Price

 Ideas to Ponder:  

  • Where are We in God’s Kingdom? What is the true Cost of Discipleship?

 October 14: Matthew 12, 13 & Luke 8

  • One Long and Pivotal Day in Galilee – Jesus Shifts Teaching to All Parables
  • The Parable of The Soils

 Ideas to Ponder:  

  • Is your Heart Soil Conditioned? How Fruitful is your Hearing?

October 21: Mark 13: 32 – 37 & Matthew 24: 36 – 51, 25: 1 – 30

  • A Story of Two Servants
  • The Ten Bridesmaids
  • The Talents

Ideas to Ponder: 

  • Does Faithfulness = Readiness? Watch, Wait, Work Faithfully. 

October 28: Luke 18

  • Persist in Prayer
  • The Parable of the Persistent Widow
  • The Judge, The Predicament, The Decisive Moment

Ideas to Ponder: 

  • What is the Portion of Hope in your Prayers? Maranatha! Do you Pray for our Lord to Come?


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