Prophecy Study

Every Tuesday, from 09/28/2021 to 10/05/2021, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Your Future is Out of this World!  

In the midst of the turbulent and darkening world surrounding us, the Bible assures a glorious new era approaching.  Once we understand the sequence of events that God has planned for our eternal future, we can face the future with confidence & hope! 

God’s plan for believers includes:

  • This six-part series will help you gain clarity and comfort as we look at our future promises outlined in scripture. Our heavenly Father does not want us to be fearful about the prophetic future.  
  • God wants us to have confidence and peace, as we live in the HOPE of the future glory promised to all Christian believers.
  • God created us in his own image and we are created for eternity! 
  • If you have placed your trust in Christ as your Savior, then you are also “Redeemed” for eternity!
  • But life has a way of keeping us absorbed in the here and now, and not on our ultimate goal. The Bible tells us that “God has placed eternity in our hearts” and at the same time, God has “made everything beautiful in its time”  Ecclesiastes 3:11.
  • This series will help you become more “heavenly minded” while remaining “earthly good.”

So that with eternity in our hearts, we can live with our eyes on the skies, watching for Christ to come, and with our feet still on the ground, working for His glory until He comes in glory!  

Your Future Matters Today !


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