Articles from Hope


    01.04.19 | by Eric Segool

    Over the past month of so I have spent time concentrating on 2019.  The word Blossom defined means to 'mature or develop.'  When I was growing up the neighbor next store had some apple trees.  It was no mystery to me what...

      Who Are You Living Life With?

      12.14.18 | by Eric Segool

      The other night I was having dinner with a friend of mine.  We were talking about the various relationships we have in life.  We are both in our mid to late 40's and so many of our experiences are similar.  We both came to the same...

        Jesus and Christmas

        12.07.18 | by Eric Segool

        When I was younger I remember someone asking me if Jesus / Messiah was ever mentioned in the Old Testament.  To be honest I fumbled through the question and probably gave a poor response.  The reality is Jesus is prophesied (predicted)...

          Don't Miss December

          11.30.18 | by Eric Segool

          I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and got an opportunity to connect with friends and family.  I know at the Team Segool HQ's there was way too much food!  Thanksgiving kicks off a wonderful time of year, with it comes...

            Raking Snow

            11.16.18 | by Eric Segool

            Every year there is a small window that I desperately try to maneuver.  There is usually about a two week time period when all the leaves have fallen and before snow comes when Team Segool attacks the yard rakes and bags leaves for our...